My Busy Day

My day is way to busy…

On Monday mornings IN THE SUMMER MIND YOU I wake up at 8:30, get dressed, and go to “technology class”. This is fun… ish (jk) and I am there for an hour.

After, I go to math until 12:00. This is also fun, except that the tutor person was in a bad mood and was “hostile”. After, I am home for 5 hours (my only break…)

Then, at 5:15, I have piano for 45 minutes. My piano teacher was on vacation for 4 months for her 10 year teaching anniversary.

After, at 6:30, I have Boy Scouts until 8:00. Here, we do stuff and other stuff…

I have a busy week, and I’m leaving out the other days!

EDIT 12/20/2017: Wow. I reread this and I realize that I am really self-absorbed. Jeez…


Categories: My life

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