OK, many of you don’t know this (except for my creepy stalker teacher who is helping me write this blog), but I’m a Boy Scout.

Basically, it means that I have to go camping and go to Monday meetings and go up the ranks, and… yeah that’s about it. My troop is is divided into “patrols”, each with a patrol leader. THEN, there’s a SPL (senior patrol leader), which is kind of the leader of the troop. They are usually one of the older scouts, but this time, a 15 year old got it and he’s really bad. None of the younger scouts do ANYTHING, they just talk. Also, he bribed everyone to vote for him.

Anyway, ever year the Boy Scouts have a summer camp and I am being forced to go. Many of you have probably been Cub Scouts (at least you in America), and you probably loved camping because it was fun, and you slept in cots or mattresses, and the tents were big… NOOOOO. That’s not how WE do it. We sleep in tiny hand me down tents that are SUPER tiny and there are 2 people per tent. Then, you wake up at 5 and make your own food (its actually really easy). AFTER, you do “activities” to buy time. Then, you sleep, wake up, eat breakfast, clean up everything, and go home. The adults DON’T help.

Now imagine that times 7

I may be paranoid, it being the first time I go, I may be paranoid, but people say its fun… I hope they’re right.

Also, quick thing, this is pre-made. Everything from June 24 to July 1 will be too. I’m gonna be at summer camp at that time so… have fun!


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