Programming with Github


I’m back from camp and I have decided to go on a mission: learn Java. No, not JavaScript, but Java. You may be asking, “Hey Diego, what’s Java?” For an answer, you can go here. It’s a coding language made by Oracle. I’m going to learn it using a free Codecademy course and post my projects on GitHub. You can find me here. It’s where I’ll post some stuff I make. Anyway, hope you like it!


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  1. Nice! I tried making a skill for Alexa using their programming language, but I started way too late in the summer to really get anywhere – maybe next summer 🙂 And are you excited – school starts Monday (though we’ll see you Friday for orientation and registration, and I think Ms Camarena is going to send an email today to see if y’all can meet tomorrow afternoon for a bit)


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