Life and some tech stuff…

Hi! I’m back and here to write!

So, as many of you people know, school has started, and me being “younger” (I guess… I don’t know what word to use…), I am forced to attend

Anyway, my birthday has passed, got some presents, and I’m back in school. However, I have pursued some of that “coding” stuff I mentioned earlier. I have successfully coded a calculator in Java! I’m pretty proud :D. If you guys want the code, I can link it if I get 1 or 2 people asking for the code.

Also, to test out some features on WordPress, I am going to add a payment button to the bottom. Donate if you want 🙂


EDIT: Apparently, you need a better “plan” for the button, so why did WordPress sent me an email telling me about it… got me hyped for nothing…


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