Debunking The Moon Landing

On here, I’m gonna start a new thing, which is debunking conspiracy theories. Let’s try not to get angry and smash your Windows 98 computer pls.

Let’s start with the moon landing. First of all, shadows. The shadows in the moon landing are all facing the same direction. This technology would take million of small (rare) yellow lasers to all be shining. This would take a lot of $$ if you know what I mean. Remember, give me your money. Anyways, the only way to recreate it in that time is to use computer graphics, which were not invented (Unless they HID COMPUTER GRAPHICS OMG THEY TOTES DID) (XD).

Another way to show that it is unreal is how so many other countries in the world picked up on the frequency. For example, the Soviets. Do you think they would lie for us (unless we PAID THEM AND THEY WERE FAKING THE SPACE RACE THE ENTIRE TIME OMG LOL XD)

Anyways, as you can see from my previous evidence, the moon landing was (most likely) not faked. Thank you to Adam Ruins Everything for the information. Great show, great channel, great website. Go check it out! Also, no offence to any conspiracy theorists.


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