Music and Boredom

Music is such an interesting thing. It inspires you to move, and “compels” you to stand up and shake your butt. People assemble their favorite music into playlists, and listen to it on repeat for days. In fact, here is mine 😀 (Spotify link) and some good background music 🙂


Then there’s the opposite. Boredom. It sucks. You want to sleep and do anything but do that. You want to stand up and do stuff. ‘Cause why not. It’s pretty nice. They invented board (or bored, as I like to call it) games, TV, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Origin, and other stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Also, I’m talking about this because I am bored in school and listening to music. Yep. That’s it.