GitHub and Microsoft


I know nothing bad will happen (hopefully), but it is pretty big news that the tech giant Microsoft bought GitHub. They say it is to help developers, and I hope so!

But how could this be negative… OH I DON’T KNOW!!! Maybe Microsoft could see private source code for 3rd party company products and integrate them into Windows or make their own product, completely destroying competition. Maybe they could raise prices for GitHub Developer and increase profit margins. It is probably only imagining the worst case scenario and I know Microsoft will help GitHub in the long run with power and speed, but these things could happen.

Either way, this event has spurred mass exit of the GitHub platform. In a tweet from GitLab (a popular alternative for GitHub), they said that they have had 10x more repository imports, LARGELY increased internet traffic, and 5x more customers since the buying. Also, Motherboard says that 13,000 projects have ditched GitHub’s platform.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Here are all the GitHub import stats!

This could also be really positive. With the stance they are taking, maybe Windows will soon become open source!

Also, I just wanted to say that I have migrated to GitLab ( and all my repositories are automatically synced together. I recommend you migrate to GitLab, for your own sake (also, this will affect more big companies)!

BTW: I made the picture myself 😉


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